book: neold

a reunion of old and new excerpts
tangles and revisited between life ..

"all that is visible
has to expand
beyoud yourself

to penetrate
in the invisible"

independendent publication
by bruno nobru, minas gerais, brazil, 2011

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book: ex-cerpts

aren’t poems
but fragments of landscapes
paths and passages to flow
roots and branches
embryos of rhizomes
in a prelude to be
to find the real tone
composing another - new

being me my own route
agreeing or disagreeing
acting and moving
writing with your name
with false name or no name
we are all free to go anywhere
let's fly!

writed between 2006 and 2008
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the little

one cigarette after another
one cigarette after another
another sleepless night
what's with you, I?

the time takes and brings
a tangle of things
which are summed up in life

from here to there
the dream still alive

tomorrow is another day




to the sons of neptune

I think about a way and I choose another

when I travel, I feel bird
sometimes I wanna drop everything

flexibility and creativity go
far as the doubt..
somewhat off the ground

living with different personalities
talking to the invisible inside and outside
drawing abstract sensations

in the pursuit of potency of each one
dreaming without borders
in seas and aquariums