alive ritual

after the prelude body, when the sound goes with independent parameters,
providing cathartic moments ..


coffe, smoking

the coffee it's like cigarette
and the cigarette is no longer anything
and makes me wanna go to bathroom

now life is like a new water
I'm not without me
I feel more alive

the gray isn't gray
and the eyes are closed
to think what was a previous
everything happened
and nothing was like yesterday

and color is no more
is no more before
is no more after
just maybe

I was a half way
and now I'm at
pressing buttons
with the tips of the fingers
and smoking myself


are you human?

I don't know..

maybe (I think)

..not sure



are not poems
but fragments of landscapes
paths and passages to flow
roots and branches
embryos of rhizomes
a prelude to happen
to find the real tone
composing the another - new
to tune with myself
from yourself
being your own route
agreeing or disagreeing
acting and moving
being with your name
with false name or no name
we are all free to go anywhere..
let's fly!


the staging of everyday

theater: the staging of everyday
many are staging daily
all the time, like a movie
such as actors.. they represent

they don't get anything in return
- its just to represents,
slaves from appearance and habit

the concern isn't to be, 
but appear to be

a need to assert
some existence

and who can't be what it is,
do theater to try to be what isn't



of day are trademark

in evening, papers

the virus is on the air


like I am

I write this
like I'm walking

writing on the bus
on the street
and anywhere

because I exist

the wind blows
the fire spreads
golova travel


apical meristem

a simple variation of notes creating some free improvisation on acoustic guitar. I had listened the first recording and then I made on the second, and listening to the two mixed did the third and, in the same way, the fourth .. composing the sound, I added scenes in black and white (binary) with distrait images like the music flowing ..


strange beings

between me and you
have much more
than me and you
what transforms us
what makes us
"another-I" and "another-you"

strange beings

very anything

washing again


anything else

do you have
something different?

on myself
it's me

short texts

other parameters
different visions

discaptures of routine
possibility of cutting
to re-look

with few sounds

isn’t in the words
animals do not speak


the night

the place where they hide
solitary creatures
who prefer not be seen in daylight
bats and owls
manic and prostitutes
anti-social par excellence
the during day they are serious men -
entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, lawyers
false hypocrites ...

all nasty beings
dreams and feared
walking stealthily
like cats

on the different spaces, time alone
only the sound of my footsteps
following me

lights on all night long,
the city rules doesn’t stop
they are living into all the time
to leave distant
his dark, sincere and authentic
leave aside, silent and asleep

predators and prey

parasites sucking blood
disguised as harmless helpers
strategies are used to capture
their prey ...

some of the prey
are seeking disguises to defend
the strongest survive ...

each developed different ways
to defend of their predators
trying to ensure his life

some joining together in groups
against common predators
creating tribes
that generate conflict

sex differences arise
and conflicts
relations between different


key to the interior door

music recorded by olhos raio-x (roney lacerda and bruno carrasco), 11/06/2007, video made by bruno, 2009. www.galhos.net