the little

one cigarette after another
one cigarette after another
another sleepless night
what's with you, I?

the time takes and brings
a tangle of things
which are summed up in life

from here to there
the dream still alive

tomorrow is another day




to the sons of neptune

I think about a way and I choose another

when I travel, I feel bird
sometimes I wanna drop everything

flexibility and creativity go
far as the doubt..
somewhat off the ground

living with different personalities
talking to the invisible inside and outside
drawing abstract sensations

in the pursuit of potency of each one
dreaming without borders
in seas and aquariums




apical meristem

the apex of the stem of a plant is developing the meristematic tissue,
some of their cells differentiate and remain in an embryonic state..
loose notes are creating a climate of free improvisations..
making the fabric between threads and des-sequences,
freely to go to harmonies between A and B ..
music by bruno nobru, july/2009, recorded in may/2011.
guitars: bruno nobru. videos: gustavo daher. june/2011.


live in tapas club, são paulo (sp)

fragments of sound that rolled in Tapas Club, St. Augusta, São Paulo (SP), Brazil. was improvisation from start to finish / with: bruno nobru on guitar and vocals, Pedro Palhares on guitar and pedal, Anibal Barbieri on drums and percussion and Rodrigo on guitar .. a energy was flowing tribal, free and catharsis, where the people closest participated with screams and howls ..
then added the participation of Keroøàcidu Suäväk with Zurak Kalomeno, Pilantröpóv, Fnordf and the box with sound toys and instruments, creating more interaction between the public who actively participated in a collective process and spontaneous sound ..
the background video projections by Gustavo Daher. / footage by: Igor and Kaloan.


air flowing

between fossils and concrete
objectivity laughs
doing me abstract

becoming so
somewhere around
an curved of us

sit the crazy breeze
with my plasma
and the hand writes


the river

the river
flowing as we
from nowhere to nowhere
on space and time in which we inserted
without knowing what or where
is going ..

sometimes think it's a good any choice
is comfortable to think that is good
it seems less chaotic that no choice


between excerpts and chances

sounds, improvisations, excerpts and chances ..

creating and re-creating concepts of art and life,
no matter about market expectations or pseudo-intellectual elite ..
walking on the margin, languages​​ experiments, media and instruments,
composing music, writing or multimedia interactions..

videos fragments by bruno nobru. scenes by gustavo daher,
bruno nobru, fábio zappa, maya deren, etc. and such ..


things are going to do by doing ..

on connections between people and objects
and connections between I and myself

all modes of subjectivity are lawful
each one is a planet
with spaces, territories, expansions
flying over a landscape of a pluriverso
going from one to another experience

the stream forms a rhizome with life
and we make rhizome with peers
with the seas and the world
even though this seems unclean

roots, branches and crossings,
what happens between birth and death
each with its life time and breaks.


still today

music video for "still today", composed in 1999 and recorded in 2011.
composition and acoustic-guitars: bruno nobru.
audio equalization: francisco prado.
filming and video editing: gaijin dame.


was a word..

walked turned letter
fell scrawl

only left the sound
of the dust

nothing existential.



improvising on improvisation, acoustic guitar in fluid ..
suddenly became a two, three and four, which I do not even know now ..
music by bruno nobru, video by gustavo daher, february 2011.