the river

the river
flowing as we
from nowhere to nowhere
on space and time in which we inserted
without knowing what or where
is going ..

sometimes think it's a good any choice
is comfortable to think that is good
it seems less chaotic that no choice


between excerpts and chances

sounds, improvisations, excerpts and chances ..

creating and re-creating concepts of art and life,
no matter about market expectations or pseudo-intellectual elite ..
walking on the margin, languages​​ experiments, media and instruments,
composing music, writing or multimedia interactions..

videos fragments by bruno nobru. scenes by gustavo daher,
bruno nobru, fábio zappa, maya deren, etc. and such ..


things are going to do by doing ..

on connections between people and objects
and connections between I and myself

all modes of subjectivity are lawful
each one is a planet
with spaces, territories, expansions
flying over a landscape of a pluriverso
going from one to another experience

the stream forms a rhizome with life
and we make rhizome with peers
with the seas and the world
even though this seems unclean

roots, branches and crossings,
what happens between birth and death
each with its life time and breaks.